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This summer has been a bit of a new adventure for me. I have been shooting sports for a while now and I enjoy the work.  I have to be honest though. I don't know anything about baseball. I enjoy all of the rich colors the baseball diamond throws out at night. And watching the kids play their sport so well is very impressive.  I tried to hit a baseball one time and I hit it, but it hit me back. The bat vibrated so bad I thought broke something. I can still feel the sensation today.  These kids went all the way to New York this year. So Neat!


I have  few more teams lined up for this summer, and I would love more. I enjoy taking the time to make sure your kid is smiling or at least has a good tough guy look.


The celebration moments are some of my favorites!

I guess as a mother of two girls (girly girls) this kind of action is so fun  for me to shoot. I mean look at them they are just awesome.

That is all.


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New Baby Mason  

I am really enjoying being one of the first parts of a baby’s life it is a good feeling.  I love to cuddle babies and make a lasting memory of the moment.  We all know that the newborn phase passes so quickly so it is a joy to capture that occasion.

Mr. Mason made me a Great Aunt last Friday.  He is such a sweet little guy.  During his session I got to cuddle him a bunch.  His parents were suffering from new baby tiredness so I let them nap.  He was super good but did not want to give up the arms for posing.  Such innocent sweetness makes you fall in love quickly.  Can’t wait to watch you grow…..

mason A little behind the scenes

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